Flood Floors

A quick responding irrigation cycle time is critical to greater control of nutrient uptake and prevents oversoaking.

Cascade Floors

Our Flood Floor and Cascade Floor systems save water, energy, fertilizer and reduce labor costs by up to 95%.

Irrigation Pre-Heat & Pre-Cool

Each plant species prefers to be irrigated with water that is the “right” temperature, just as Mother Nature intended. Irrigating with appropriately tempered water will encourage faster plant growth and produce greater yields. Whether you irrigate with cold well water warmed up prior to irrigation or with warm water that needs to be cooled down, we can help. BioTherm provides stand-alone systems or integrated Pre-Heat and Pre-Cool systems that work in tandem with our traditional heating and cooling designs.

TOOB Oxygen Infuser

Oxygen Infusion Machine

BioTherm’s “the Toob” Oxygen Infuser and associated products provide a robust solution for increased dissolved oxygen levels in your irrigation water. Systems start with flow rates as low as 2 GPM and are able to scale as high as required. Our most popular unit supports up to 18 GPM. Our infusion products can be installed in any type of irrigation system and are proven to increase levels of dissolved oxygen providing a broad spectrum of plant health benefits. Installation is simple and well documented, with technical support available before, during, and after installation.

DO Commander

Maintain water system DO levels to within 0.1mg/L.

When you have a crop that depends on consistency, automation of the basics becomes essential. In the past, dissolved oxygen was a difficult variable to control, but the DO Commander can be used in combination with the Toob to optimize DO levels. The DO Commander reads dissolved oxygen and temperature in your irrigation line or tank. It will use those readings to control the infusion process and maximize oxygen use. The touch screen allows for easy calibration and reading of values. Real-time and historical readings are available through the local network web interface or even on your phone. The DO Commander was built to withstand harsh environments, is water resistant and ready to help you get serious about automating the DO being delivered to your crop.

02Gen Oxygen Generator

Dissolved Oxygen for Irrigation Water

For customers with larger oxygen needs, we have the solution. The O2GEN (Oxygen Generator) was built to fill the specific need of our Oxygen Infusion customers. Many greenhouses or grow operations are too remote for delivery of oxygen tanks or require amounts of oxygen that are cost prohibitive for tank oxygen. Our generator provides 93%+ pure oxygen at pressures high enough for infusion, yet at flow rates low enough for precision control. Other generator or concentrator solutions on the market are unable to achieve this balance. Built on a strong, but lightweight aluminum frame and field proven, the O2GEN unit is a must have for growers serious about automating their DO experience.

Case Studies:

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