Vegetable, flower, institutional, botanical gardens, educational research institutions... Each heating system is tailored to specific climate conditions.

Our innovative energy saving technology is designed to meet the individual needs of even the most demanding projects -- whether through new construction, major upgrades, or retrofits. BioTherm® is more than heating. BioTherm delivers high quality products with excellent sales and service which over the long term saves time and money. From initial consultation to installation, BioTherm’s staff is with you every step of the way. Our systems are durable and efficient which result in high success rates and peak crops.

Below you will find the products and applications relevant to greenhouse heating.

Project Highlight

BioTherm Greenhouse

Using hydronic heat with BioTherm's high output DuoFin Lite™ and StarFin™ aluminum finned heat pipe and BioTherm MicroClimate™ radiant tubing, Michael's has been able to provide floor, structure and snow melt heating.