The central part of hydronic systems.

The generation and delivery of heat through a hot water system is an efficient method of transporting energy, whether the distance is long or short.

With the piping in place, it also makes it easy to add, adjust and change the central heating technology as new capabilities come to market. 

Boiler technology has advanced over the past couple of decades, so selecting the right boiler for any given facility becomes a process of matching the right boiler performance and fuel characteristics with the business’s needs.

BioTherm is the exclusive dealer for Raypak® boilers in the greenhouse market.  Raypak continues to contribute to the category with innovations and efficiencies. They added condensing heat exchangers to extract almost every available BTU from the fuel. They scaled the technology into industrial capacities (4,000,000 BTU/HR with the RayPak® XTherm™) and also scaled it down into a compact wall-hung unit (90,000 BTU/HR with the RayPak® XPak™).

Raypak’s diverse boiler offerings provide capabilities such as: modulating up and down to different heat loads, easily daisy-chaining to combine heat outputs, and cascading boiler systems to follow the seasonal changes for optimal boiler efficiencies.

BioTherm’ s staff of engineers and system designers understands how to best apply these technologies to the greenhouse industry. We look at each technology from a grower’s perspective to provide the best fuel efficiency, the most reliability, and the best heating to produce the best crops for a grower's capital dollar. 

With our proprietary software we can provide an Energy Savings Calculator to show you the annual fuel load and heating cost using these boiler technologies to help you make the best decision for your bottom line.  

We offer three types of low mass boiler technologies: atmospheric, closed combustion, and condensing. 

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Fuel combustion the old fashioned way.

BioTherm Atmospheric Atmospheric Products

Closed Combustion

Developed to meet anti-smog regulations.

BioTherm Closed Combustion Closed Combustion Products


Efficient heating at maximum value.

BioTherm Condensing
Condensing Products