Conductive solutions for heating benches save the most energy.

For most production greenhouses, the temperature of the plant is the temperature that counts. We have several solutions to fit different benching systems and strategies.

Pre-packed systems, such as the BioTherm® BenchWarmer Kits™, contain all the necessary parts to install a root zone heating system onto a pre-existing bench:

  • Circulation tubing
  • Tubing headers
  • Tube management clips
  • Air and water controls
  • Circulator pumps
  • Pre-wired controls and soil sensors
  • Water temperature thermometers for both supply and return water
  • Installation manual with extensive drawings
  • 10-year limited warranty on bench top materials

These systems can install into a pre-existing hot water heating system, or a small, wall hung boiler can be included to provide a totally self-contained heat delivery system.


Project Examples



MicroClimate Tubing

The original energy-saving BioTherm bench top heating system.



Jumbo size manifold technology to work with a wide range of heating applications.