Case Study: Mansfield Growers
Mansfield, OH
Reducing Labor Costs and Water Conservation

The Challenge

David won two new contracts to expand the reach of his regional greenhouse facility, but he knew he would have to expand his production, as well. In order to control labor costs, while simultaneously increasing the square footage of his growing area without sacrificing quality, David decided to build a new flood floor equipped greenhouse.

The BioTherm Solution

BioTherm installed a pump and drain system to work in concert with a engineered concrete floor. The system is designed with precision in mind, providing greater control of nutrient uptake, watering time and preventing overwatering. With up to a 95% reduction in labor costs, a flood floor equipped greenhouse can be operated by just one technician spanning multiple acres.

How It Works

BioTherm uses a number of pumps in tandem with fill/drain valves to uniformly irrigate the shallow pan of the greenhouse flood-floor in five or six-minute cycles. Recycling the irrigation water prevents the waste of expensive nutrients and conserves water.

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