Tiffany Allen
Best Taste Tomatoes
Windsor, CA
Improving Heating Costs and Plant Health

Tiffany Allen, Chief Horticulturist

The Challenge

Unit heaters were beating up Tiffany’s crop and wasting fuel. They dried out leaves, caused uneven production, and reduced harvest—all with high fuel costs. She had read that a hot water system could deliver consistent and optimum media and canopy temperatures, saving fuel and producing more tomatoes.

The BioTherm Solution

BioTherm recommended a vertical DuoFin Heating System that could warm the media and provide gentle heat to the canopy. The DuoFin heat pipes were strategically located in and around the vines and the fruit, with vertical loops to bring steady gentle heat to the plant. In addition, MegaTube was deployed around the root level to maintain consistently warm root and media temperature to encourage robust growth.

How It Works

Consistent heat at the canopy and at the root media causes more branching, healthier foliage and less disease pressure. By warming the roots directly, the plant increases nutrient uptake, resulting in greater harvest and healthier fruit.

"BioTherm has helped me increase my harvest and produce healthier fruit.”

—Tiffany Allen, Best Taste Tomatoes

DuoFin heat pipe is strategically placed near the roots and in the canopy to provide gentle and stable heat.
MegaTube around the containers provide direct and consistant heat to the root zone.
BioTherm Connectors. No welding necessary!

Vertical DuoFin System

BioTherm Starfin and Duofin System Detail

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