BioTherm has teamed up with ChillKing to bring you a variety of greenhouse cooling solutions. We offer a wide array of chiller sizes and where electricity is at a premium, we offer an optional natural gas engine driven compressor. Chilled water can be distributed with many space saving options including custom air handling units as well as BioTherm fin products.


BioTherm understands the demands of indoor gardening and greenhouse crops. A major issue is moisture control & humidity management. ChillKing has developed a line of pragmatic dehumidification solutions for agricultural applications without compromising performance: The DehuKing! A saturated atmosphere will result in moisture removal up to 2GPH per KW.
The units were developed to make sure the equipment was easily servicable, so replacement parts can be purchased at most refridgeration and HVAC supply stores (and other brands can be substituted with our approval if the exact part number cannot be located).

Sanitization and Filtration

Each DehuKing unit comes with UV lights to sanitize the air as well as a variety of filtration

CO2 Enrichment

CO2 levels are naturally low in a greenhouse environment as plants use available CO2 as part of the photosynthetic process. Increasing CO2 levels above ambient conditions promotes increased plant growth and health. With the right condensing boiler system in place, a BioTherm CO2 System can easily be integrated to achieve elevated CO2 levels in the greenhouse environment. BioTherm systems pull CO2 directly from the boilers exhaust gases and distribute them uniformly into the greenhouse environment, while ensureing other harmful gases are kept at a safe level. With a BioTherm CO2 System, there is no need for large bulk tanks, or individual CO2 burners. Theese systems can be used in indoor and greenhouse operations.

Cool... with Natural Gas!

BioTherm and ChillKing have developed pragmatic horticulture-driven solutions to cool your greenhouse.

Additional Benefits:

  • ChillKing has developed a line of natural gas combustion engines to drive your chiller compressor which can reduce your energy bill up to 70%.
  • Whether BioTherm fin products or ChillKing space saving air handling units, distribution system options ensure your cooling system stays out of the way of your plants allowing you to maximize your growing footprint.

Case Studies:

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