Heating Systems

  • Boilers
  • Ground / Bench
  • Crop / Space

Hydro Sciences

  • Dissolved Oxygen Infusion
  • Sub-Irrigation Flood Floors
  • Irrigation PreHeat and Chilling

Optimized Air

  • Dehumidification
  • Hydronic Cooling Systems
  • CO2 Enrichment

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Improving Heating Costs and Plant Health

Consistent heat at the canopy and at the root media causes more branching, healthier foliage and less disease pressure. By warming the roots directly, the plant increases nutrient uptake, resulting in greater harvest and healthier fruit. Read More


Efficient C02 Enrichment Solutions

BioTherm CO2 Enrichment systems provide elevated and uniform CO2 levels using the same equipment that heats the greenhouse. A condensing boiler is the heart of the system, and as it burns fuel, it produces combustion gases rich in CO2. Read More


Dissolved Oxygen for Irrigation Water

BioTherm provided Holy City with a complete Biotherm Oxygen Infusion package, which included a Toob Infuser, Oxygen Generator, and DO Commander in an effort to increased yield. Read More


Offset Capital Improvement Costs

Through Grants, State Rebates, and Incentives. We can identify potential funding, grant and utility rebates. Through our Energy Savings Calculator, we can provide detailed calculations on the efficiency of different solutions. Read More

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